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Morning, well as it’s just a month to go before Wigan kick off their 8th season in the Barclays Premier League.  This of course will start against European Champions Chelsea at the DW.  Yes, a little Déjà vu!  We’ve been there before, back in August 2005, with a certain Hernán Jorge Crespo, 98 minutes, you know the rest.

So we are here at the TNS offices in Wigan, we are just dusting down everything ready for another season.  The Fixture list is now on the white board, thanks Steve.  Its years since we printed that out, the white board allows us to re-write the dates with Sky deciding to change when ever we play the self elected ‘Big Teams’.

So we have Bernard whose just trying to find the filter paper for the Coffee Machine, he needs his coffee before he sets to on his A to Z.

Alan is feeling a little lost as he doesn’t have a wallpaper stripper in his hands, but we have printed a B&Q poster for him so he feels at home.  He’s already started mumbling about bugs & upgrades.

Peter is cracking the knuckles ready for his match reports; he is also sporting a new Deep Purple tee-shirt in memory of the great Jon Lord.

Steve is at the sink trying to wash the marker pen off his hands, his Rothmans Sky Sports Football Yearbook 2011-12 is sat on his desk, still has the spine to be broken.

Jimmy is trawling through eBay for a new Gilet ready for selling the Mudhutter Fanzine on the Bridge outside the DW.  He’s compiling his top 50 list and you want to see how many new pencils and pads he’s brought in this morning ready for some inspiring muse.

Finally we have Bert sat at his desk, with what I believe is a Sam Tompkin’s Voodoo doll and he’s just sharpening the pins & needles.

Me of course I’ve just got my desk tidied up, damn cleaner!  I’m looking through the financial summer data to see that the Glazers have been to New York, PSG keep spending and in Barcelona have a Tito Vilanova who’s not spent anything yet?  I’ll work with Steve & Peter to bring you the match previews through the season, we’ve just played Paper, Scissors & Rock to see who gets October’s West Ham preview, and you have to wait until October to see who won that?

So to 2012/13, what will the season hold for Wigan Athletic?  Will it be another Roller Coaster ride, I reckon so!

The summer confirmed Bob staying (again), TNS will be speaking to him later in the season to see how it’s going?  We have seen a couple of notable players leave in Hugo & Momo, but hey this is Wigan Athletic and we do have a resident mechanic at the DW to make sure the revolving doors are working well.

We’ve brought in some new your players, recently picking up Fraser Fyvie from Aberdeen, and a couple of young Spanish lads we are still trying to work out who they are and how to spell one of their surnames.  & of course Mike Pollitt signed a new 1 year contract to make it 8 seasons at Wigan.

We’ll bring you a match preview mid August, we’ll also keep you up to date with any comings or goings at the DW, yes we know our biblical player has a number of rumours circulating.  We’ll also keep you informed of the pre season friendlies, I think Jimmy is trying to organise a TNS day out.

We’ll also keep you updated on the TNS top 50 players now the votes are in, Jimmy is going to be publishing how the votes went, I just hope ‘Killer’ is in there somewhere.

Finally and a promise, we’ll continue to bring you quality articles & blogs about Wigan Athletic and anything else football throughout the season.


All the Best


The TNS Team.

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