Wigan Athletic Half Term Report

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Its half term at the Wigan Athletic Premier Academy and so its time to review the progress so far.

Headmaster Roberto Martinez has drastically revamped the curriculum with several new boys coming into the school and this coincided with several new lessons.

The term started off well with the pupils performing well in lessons both old and new but the performances tailed off alarmingly with rumours of infighting between the pupils at break time and these performances  caused the governors a great deal of concern about the future of the school. The chair of governors stood foursquare behind the head and the pupils performances have improved markedly over the last few weeks with the head moving some of the more truculent pupils around to reduce the disruption caused.

Here’s the individual performance report


Ali Al Habsi…Ali came as a day boarder from another school last term but enjoyed his time at the school so much that he made his move permanent. He has obviously benefited from the education ethos of the school and this is evident in his performances.

Rating A+ …..A star performance

Emerson Boyce… One of the most popular pupils at the school with  fellow pupils, governors and teachers alike, Emerson has had several illnesses this term which have affected his performances and meant he has been absent several times , in spite of this Emerson is a pupil who gives of his best in every lesson .

Rating B – ….. A solid half term interrupted by illness.

Ronnie Stam…Ronnie is one of our overseas borders and its fair to say that he has struggled to settle during his time here but in the last few weeks he seems to have settled better after the head moved his desk closer to the front. It is to be hoped that this improvement in performance continues.

Rating B …. Still room for improvement

Steve Gohuri… Steve is one of the most strong minded of the pupils but its fair to say that this term hasn’t been his best. Steve has struggled to settle in lessons and has turned in some very poor pieces of work.

Rating C- ….must do better

Gary Caldwell…Gary is head boy and leads by example, not the most gifted of pupils but he always tries hard and is a natural leader.

Rating B…. Gary tries .

Antolin Alcaraz…Antolin has found the cultural differences here inEnglanddifficult to adjust to and the Education board were forced to suspend him for three weeks due to an alleged cultural misdemeanour. Since then he has knuckled down and has shown signs of becoming a model pupil.

Rating B ….Working hard.

Maynor Figueroa…Maynor came over a few years ago accompanying another pupil for a term and has settled so much he has never left. Excels in leftist studies and this term has seen some of his best work.

Rating A- …. Performing well.

Ben Watson… Ben started off the term well but his work has tailed away of late. Sometimes it appears as if he is doing just enough to get by Needs to work harder if he is to pass the exams in May.

Rating C …. Can and must do better

Momo Diame… Quite simply the best pupil in the school, his course work is superb and his teachers confidently expect him to achieve straight A’s. Is due to go on a field assignment in January and the governors are concerned that this might affect his performance when he returns.

Rating  A+ ….Outstanding

Victor Moses… One of the younger boarders, Victor struggled to settle last term and there were concerns that he might be homesick. This term his work has improved and whilst there are still some errors in his course work his overall performance is giving cause for optimism that he will pass his exams in May .

Rating  B ….. Improving but must keep it up

Jordi Gomez…All the governors agree Jordi is one of the most gifted pupils in the school but has a reputation for being lazy and inconsistent. Has however worked harder in the last few weeks and he is now reaping the benefits.

Rating B…. Has shown signs of improvement but must continue with this progress.

James McCarthy… Another of the younger pupils but unlike Victor , James settled into the school very quickly and prodcued some excellent pieces of work last term. Has had a few illnesses which means he has struggled to maintain a consistent high standard in his coursework. There have been signs however that he is settling down again which bodes well for his exams.

Rating B- ….. Needs to continue to work hard until the end of term

David Jones… David joined us at the beginning of term and is now settling into the methods of teaching espoused by the head and Davids coursework is showing promising signs of improvement.

Rating B- ….To continue to work hard.

James McArthur… James is one of the most enthusiastic and hard working pupils but hasn’t found the curriculum to be easy but always gives of his best.

Rating C+ ….  Needs to work hard and the results will come.

Albert Crusat… The smallest pupil in the school but what he lacks in height he makes way for with effort. Not fully settled into the ethos of the school yet but promising signs evident

Rating C+ …. Needs more time to settle in

Hugo Rodallega … One of last terms star pupils, Hugo has found this term to be harder and the teachers haven’t seen Hugo’s undoubted ability reflected in his course work.

Rating  C …. Can and must do better

Conor Sammon… Conor joined the school in the middle of last term and found it difficult to acclimatise to the school’s cirriculum. Conor works hard and whilst he will never be the highest acheiver no one can doubt his determination to do his best.

Rating B- ….. Works hard

Franco Di Santo… Franco had a terrible term last year with some of the govenors questioning his commitment to the school. This term however the school has seen a different Franco and his efforts has seem him become a popular pupil with teachers and governors alike..

Rating B …. To continue the good work

Roberto Martinez… Roberto since his appointment as Head Teacher has completely revamped the schools cirriculuma and has recuieved palduits from mant of the school inspectors. It has been difficult to get some of the pupils to adapt to the new ways of teaching along with the financial pressures of being own of the newer academies has meant that  comparisons with competing schools are currently less than favourable than was hoped but in recent weeks the green shoots of progress appear to be sprouting thus giving renewed  cause for optimism.

Rating B – …. Methods appear to be bearing fruit but patience is required.



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