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Despite our reputation as a bunch of curmudgeonly stuck in the muds, never let it be said that the MFE doesn’t move with the times.

A lot of the bigger fanzines have now moved to a digital Kindle and iPad format. Some of them have gone digital only due to the cost of printing and the occupational hazard that is a good soaking whilst stood selling on a match day.

Like I say, here at Mudhutter, we revel in refusing to move forward and are in full consideration that the feedback that we get is that, you: the reader *waves at reader* likes to keep things the way they are.

We will continue to produce a 48 page printed magazine throughout this season for your delectation. However, we are now in a position to offer digital copies at a discounted price of just £1.49 each or a five issue digital subscription for just £7.00.

No postage costs and no print costs. The only downside is that you can’t use it as emergency bog roll.

If you do want to try out this new fangled digital format then see below for the appropriate links

Take out a digital subscription for the season for just £7.00:

Download the latest issue to your tablet for just £1.49:

If you prefer to get your fanzine through the letter box in a badly sealed envelope, er I mean in pristine condition, here’s the link to buy it online
And here’s the link to take out a five issue printed subscription

There are just 8 copies of the printed issue of Mudhutter 48 left to buy. Although you may be able to buy it from the following shops & stockists: Waterstones and Sparks in town, Mesnes Road News, The Brickmakers and KMS News in Pemberton.

Want to know what’s in the latest issue? Read on…….

Yes we’re back and as fashionably late as ever. Issue 48 is exactly 48 pages and is still priced at two pounds for a near half century of reading material.
This issue we are delighted to include a revealing, in-depth interview with one of the most popular and exciting Wigan Athletic players of all time, one Nathan Levi Fontaine Ellington.
Elsewhere we cast our eye over the goings on at Blackpool and Hull, wave a teary goodbye to MFE lovechild Jordi Gomez and ask whether he really was just Jeff Wright in disguise. Bagg does pre-season in Dusseldorf and there’s tributes to Rik Mayall and Romanzo Criminale.
We look at those players who turned up to play while their hearts were elsewhere and ended up being a complete waste of space and a drain on the wage bill – mentioning no names WHATSOEVER at this stage – and there’s an extract from Jimmy O’Neill’s latest book. Plus there’s all the usual features and contributors and not forgetting great cartoons from the mischievous Tat, who’s in rude health right now. Well, it’s just rude if truth be known.
We will continue this year intending to do five issues bringing one out every six to eight weeks. With this in mind, we offer a five issue subscription running to May 2015 where you can get 25% of the cost of the magazine including postage.
Just as football without fans is nothing, fanzines without fanzine fans are nothing. So we once again thank everyone who has bought a copy and hope that you can continue to do so what with the prices going up for season tickets, parking and ale and that.

We’ll keep scribbling if you keep buying. Thanks for your support.

We promise you that it’s easier to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t have to rely on us to remind you when a new episode comes out.

Apple sorts can find it on iTunes here –

If you prefer a different podcast app then just search for “The Pie at Night Podcast”.

You can also find us on Stitcher, here –

If you’re that way out, you can find and subscribe to our RSS feed here –

And if you just want to take pot luck then you can find all our episodes on our Soundcloud page

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