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A few months ago, with our usual levels of organisation, pre-planning and attention span, I started a prediction league on the TNS forum.  I was so good at organising it that I didn’t even notice that it had finished, but finished it has and so I thought it best to tell you about what happened.

The rules were fairly simply.  On a, roughly, weekly basis I’d pick three games and ask people to tell me what the scores would be.  I’d give them two points each time they got a score right and a consolation point if they predicted the score wrong and got the result right.  The person with the most points would be the winner.  Huzzah, and that.

As an incentive, and a bit of an experiment, I decided that for each set of fixtures, I’d wager a pound at the local bookmakers (or the Billy Hills app on my phone, but I don’t suppose you get more local that that anyway).  The pound would be split between two 50p bets, one on all three scores predicted by last week’s best player being correct, and one on all three results being right.

We called it the TNS Triple, hopefully you can see why.

I’d split any winnings with the person who got most points at the end of it all.  We could end up with a tidy sum or we could end up with nowt, in which case I said I’d give the winner a shiny new pound.

Can you guess what we ended up with?

No, not nowt, we actually ended up with 43p in the pot, but the rules said that I still had to give a pound to the winner.  Which brings us nicely to the roll of honour…

In joint third place we have Moonay and Martin, inseparable on 22 points earned through persistence, guess work and finger-crossing.

In second place, we have the only man who managed a winning bet in the competition (a massive £6.43, although to be fair he only missed out on the correct score bet by a couple of goals in the same week) it’s MP.

And the winner, who came up quietly on the blindside to finish with 24 points, winner of the grand total of 100 pence and a spectacularly tacky trophy, it’s your predictor of the year…

Mr KittGreenBlue.


No cricketers were harmed in the awarding of this football trophy


That final league table in full

Next up, the World Cup Predictor league, although based on the standard of our usual promises, it will probably be for the 2026 competition.

Have fun…

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