All out! Striker action

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Worryingly, word from yesterday’s game is that Neil Mellor required a fitness test before playing and he only just passed. Now he might not be everyone’s first choice to lead the line, but as far as it stands he’s all we’ve got at the moment. Which is even more worrying when you consider that, fit or not, he isn’t available for selection next Saturday as Premier League rules prevent players on loan within the division, playing against the club that owns them. So assuming that neither McCulloch nor Connolly is fit by then and that Henri isn’t that keen on playing a game one day, travelling from Egypt to Lancashire the next to play a game on the third, we should see and experimental front line against the European champions.

I can’t see Johansson playing up front on his own, maybe that will fall to Paul Scharner on the basis that he’s quite tall, and got as many goals as anyone else outside of the forwards. It’s all quite a dim prospect really, the fact that we don’t even have a kid in the ranks that could be given a chance making the current situation even more depressing.
I suppose that the real hope is that we can get Henri back in time, and good enough shape, to play some part against Liverpool and that one of the two injured strikers is fit enough for the rest of it. We’ll see as the week progresses how realistic that is.

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