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Football fans, indeed Wigan Athletic fans get a bad press plenty of the time but as we all know Wigan Athletic fans are an amazing bunch of people. Over the last couple of years some quite frankly remarkable fund raising achievements have taken place by Wigan Athletic fans and indeed Wiganers in general and associates most notably supporting The Emma Hoolin Appeal and The Anthony Ramsdale Appeal.


Well it’s time to get on that particular campaign trail again and we know that this is a cause that will unite all Wigan Athletic fans as yet again one of our own needs our help. Many of you will have read the words of Wigan Observer and Wigan Evening Post reporter Paul Kendrick on a regular basis. What you may not know is that his son is suffering from an extremely rare and serious illness.


Joseph Kendrick suffers from NON-KETOTIC HYPERGLYCINEMIA, which is a rare genetic disorder that affects one in 60,000 infants born. Children with the condition have problems breaking down the amino acid glycine.
Amino acids are natural components of our body but because glycine is not broken down in affected infants, it accumulates. Glycine is an important molecule in the brain as it has various functions such as transmitting signals from one brain cell to another and excessive glycine therefore disrupts the function of the brain.
Typical symptoms in children include seizures, low muscle tone and severe problems with learning and development. This can profoundly affect a child’s ability to learn and do everyday things such as eating, sitting and walking.
The seizures can be so severe that they are hardly controlled despite the use of several medications. Not all children are equally affected. But in most cases, including Joseph, children are severely affected, do not make developmental progress and have difficulty controlling seizures.


Many of you reading this will have children or close relatives with children. Imagine how you would feel is this was your son? Proud of his fighting qualities but also knowing that life is going to be a constant uphill battle and wanting to do everything in your power to give your child the best possible help available, no matter what the cost is.


Wigan Athletic have already thrown their weight fully behind the appeal, inviting the Kendrick family to the training ground earlier this week and CEO Jonathan Jackson said

“Wigan Athletic are pleased to support Joseph’s Goal, and intend to help in any way to assist Paul and Emma to raise as much money as possible and increase awareness of this brave little boy, and the rare and under-researched condition that affects Joseph.

“The players and staff met Joseph and immediately wanted to get involved in this important appeal, to help him and to fund the research to find a cure for this rare genetic disorder.

“We have seen recently how generous and kind the people of Wigan are upon hearing about such brave families facing difficult situations, and we have no doubt that this will be the case again.

“We will do whatever we can to help this thoroughly-deserving appeal.”

Here at This Northern Soul we are firmly behind the appeal and with my Mudhutter hat on I can confirm that is definitely also the case with my other cohorts. Over at Vital Wigan, Worbo who was the driving force behind the huge sponsored walk to Bolton last season which hundreds attended has already confirmed that Vital are on board and the other websites and supporters groups are expected to all join forces in unison in support of Joseph’s Goal.


With the local press and the club itself on board and a call going out to the community of this wonderful town we live in, what is about to be kicked off will be challenging, demanding work but with a clear goal in sight to raise enough money to seriously research the condition so that Joseph and other children suffering from NKH can enjoy an improved quality of life by finding a cure.


Once again it’s time for Wigan Athletic fans to show what an amazing community we have and join together to support a cause very close to the club we support. In the coming weeks, fund raising events will start to materialise but if you have any great ideas, please get in touch with anyone from any of the major Latics sites or contact Wigan Today or the club itself.

We’re looking forward to making a difference – are you?


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