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May 2nd is NKH (Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia) Awareness Day and coincides nicely with a decision that we took a few weeks ago at Mudhuts Towers. A few years ago, we put the price of the fanzine up from £1.50 to £2.00, for no other reason than the sellers couldn’t be bothered handling all the 50p’s.

The way the mag had worked historically is that some issues made a small profit, other times it made a small loss. Depending on the number of pages (the print bill is the main expense), the weather (rain seriously impacts sales) and how many we sell through the shops or subscription, where we either pay commission or subsidise the postage.

It is a hobby for everyone involved, nobody gets paid a penny for contributing to MFE, it is purely a labour of love for a group of long-standing Wigan Athletic fans.

We have always considered ourselves not for profit, and as we have rarely made much of a profit, it has not been an issue. I actually formally set it up as a not-for-profit company, then missed a filing deadline in the first year and received a £350 fine, which not only wiped out the bank account but just seemed a waste when you think of how that money could have been used better.

In the three subsequent years, I have managed to keep up top of the paperwork and after discussion with a few of the lads, we decided to donate £500 to Joseph’s Goal, a charity we have supported since its inception and one that is very close to all Wigan Athletic fans’ hearts. This has now been gratefully passed to Paul Kendrick, and we look forward to catching up with Paul and Joe and family at the forthcoming Latics Legends match at Ashton Town on 19thMay.

There is probably a similar amount still available and we will look to distribute it to another local charity / charities later in the year. If you have a cause you feel strongly about please get in touch with us at Mudhutter and we will decide if we can provide support.

We must also thanks all our writers, sellers and in particular our advertisers, subscribers and anyone who buys the mag either regularly and occasionally and we hope you do not mind us making this gesture. It is only through the continued sales of our fanzine that we have been able to do this and as Paul has said, it will make a massive difference to funding for NKH.

To donate to Joseph’s Goal click here – or here

To read more about the Ashton Town Latics Legends v Dutch Masters game and buy tickets click here –


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