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With the season all but over, the lads get back to what they’re best at, settling down with a guest, drinking a few ales and going on a bit.

Joined by Leeds fan Rob (aka @rdholmes82) we resolve the age old war of the roses, talk dirty Leeds, try to work out who’s had the most managers recently.  We then move on to out tips for the Football League play-offs, discuss wooly jumpers (it is summer after all) and Chris asks whether all summer sports are Tory?

There’s more WAFC Room 101 discussion too, we move on to the letter P, then let Rob give us a flavour of his, long, worst Leeds players list before finishing with the best Yorkshire band ever.

You can get episode 24 of the Pie at Night Podcast, “Eh? What’s up?” by searching on your favourite podcast App, by accessing our soundcloud page, or by listening on the player below.  Enjoy…


note – Alan repeatedly refers to Dodgy as a Yorkshire band in this podcast, they aren’t, he probably meant Terrorvision, who were a dodgy band from Yorkshire, but who knows?  We can only apologise to the people of Yorkshire for this error


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