From the EPL to a GB Super League ?

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How a Super League from England & Scotland might look, taken from ye olde football annual/magazine from a few years ago.

It is as daft now as it was then, however I do like it how Edinburgh & Sheffield are now a combination of their respective clubs and how they merged their kits to suit !

A quick perusal of the “top  twenty”  shows how some of today’s  BIG ©lubs are omitted and some clubs who nowadays shouldn’t be on the list or anywhere near it. (The times they are a changing)

Also conspicuous by their absence, no-one from the Principality.

1 Celtic

2 Rangers

3 Edinburgh

4 Newcastle United

5 Liverpool

6 Manchester United

7 Leeds United

8 Sheffield

9 Everton

10 Manchester City

11 Wolverhampton Wanderers

12 West Bromwich Albion

13 Coventry City

14 Derby County

15 Nottingham Forest

16 Chelseaa

17 Arsenal

18 Tottenham Hotspur

19 West Ham United

20 Southampton

As a point of reference the 12 founder members of the Football League are: 

Preston North End 
Aston Villa 
Wolverhampton Wanderers 
Blackburn Rovers 
Bolton Wanderers 
West Bromwich Albion 
Accrington (no relation to Accrington Stanley) 
Derby County 
Notts County 
Stoke City

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