G is not for Gomez…

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Time for another round of Emporium of Sh*** and this time its time to talk about the letter G with absolutely no mention of players whose name ends in “Omez”

Ian goes with the somewhat left field choice of Sean Garnett a former Tranmere stopper from the mid 90s who failed to do much in particular.

Chris cranks it up a notch by throwing free scoring forward David Graham into the mix. The free scoring bit only applied when he played for Torquay mind you, certain not for us.

Our guest, @WeahsCousin is not one to shy away from controversy again by plumping for another FA cup winner in the form of Roman Golobart, fresh in the light of this great article written about Him by Andy Mitten.

It’s a compelling argument. He might have been great on twitter but the fact he’s now scratching around the lower leagues of Germany and Spain suggests he might not be quite the footballer he makes himself out to be.

There’s quite the debate over whether Roman deserved more of a chance, presumably sucked in by his twitter persona. But as social media savvy as ever, Roman heightened the stakes by becoming the first ever nomination in the EOS to encourage fans to vote for him.


Alan opts for Scott Green complete with a string of added expletives. A player who (according to Al) only occasionally put a shift in but more regularly was remembered for charging forward out of defence and being woefully out of position and having no teeth, a skinhead and doing loads of fist pumps. Oh and being ex Bolton.

All of which left Jimmy with the choice of three he had originally laid out being Steve Gohouri (quickly discounted out of respect), Keith Gillespie (2nd time round nor first) and also an obligatory mention of the first ‘gay’ footballer to play for Latics, Geoff Gay before Jimmy admitted he actually hadn’t seen him play but is it wanted to get that cheap joke in.

Then Alan comes in at the 11th hour with a mention of Pat Gavin much to Jimmy’s chagrin, who appears to have rewritten history around the potent qualities of the centre forward with a head like a Legoman.

But, as always, the public were given their say and, proving a good social media strategy is everything these days, Roman won the day, taking his FA Cup winners medal into the Emporium of Shite with him.


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