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After the recent study that Wigan Athletic have the most “home town” support survey and carrying on the odyssey from Wildhearts ventures to local non-league grounds, if by some cruel act of brutality by the gods of football Wigan Athletic ceased to be, who would you follow?

Working on the theory to “support your local team” would be a horrid affair for my conscience as living in Aspull the local team to myself would be Bolton Wanderers.

Gulp, sharp intake of breath, now what ?

I would have to add an amendment to the rule and at least stay in a WN postcode, trouble is that rules out any football league clubs, so if I then extend it to league clubs in the Greater Manchester or Lancashire areas that then leaves me with a great choice.

I would have to discount the both City & United straight away as that would be way to easy, plus I feel as I would be a trophy chaser instead of a supporter.

That still leaves me with a host of clubs to favour my love and attention ( & cash) on, these are just the League Clubs in my immediate area of Aspull Towers.

Accrington Stanley, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Bolton Wanderers, Bury, Burnley, Fleetwood Town, Manchester City, Manchester United, Morecambe, Oldham Athletic, Preston North End & Rochdale.

Quite a few would be struck off my hit list for various obnoxious and illogical reasons, while the likes of Bury & Rochdale would be probably favoured, always had a good visits on away days and sensible banter with their long suffering supporters, not long ago I and many other WAFC fan’s were in there situation.

Then there is the non-league scene, Wigan Robin Park FC springs to mind and in truth they should be the club to follow as they are my home town team, at least name wise.

However “The Wigan Borough” does have quite a few non-league clubs, Ashton Athletic, Ashton Town, Atherton Laburnum Rovers, Atherton Collieries, Atherton Town and just “out of the border” is Bamber Bridge, Burscough, Chorley, Skelmersdale United & Southport.

So who to pick ? decisions, decisions, decisions.

Or do I not bother with one particular team and plump for the national side, England in my case.

However with the three lions they don’t play that often plus away games are likely to be a small mortgage to attend.

I use to “roll my eyes” when I met “I don’t support anyone I support football” people, I couldn’t and still can’t comprehend that irrational statement.

All in all I just hope & pray that I beat Wigan Athletic to the grave but if the day came and my club ceased to be then surely a phoenix Wigan FC will rise from the ashes?


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