Liverpool supporters – will they get it wrong again?

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Liverpool supporters, knowledgeable folk that they are, appear to be up in arms about the possible appointment of Roberto Martinez as their new manager.

They are completely at odds with the Wigan Athletic chairman who claims that his manager would be more than capable of filling Kenny Dalglish’s shoes.  It was the Liverpool supporters who effectively got ‘King Kenny’ the managerial job at Anfield over a year ago, as John W Henry and co presumed these self same knowledgeable Koppites knew what was best for their own club.

To say that he was a failure is not an understatement.  One hundred and ten million pounds to secure a trophy that no team takes seriously these days, and finishing below Everton is failure.  And let’s not forget the trophy was won following a penalty shoot out against a team from the division below them.

Roberto Martinez on the other hand secured top flight status for a club that does not spend vast sums of money and does not owe money to anybody, not only that, he’s done it THREE times. By spending less than fifteen million pounds on transfer fees.  How much have Liverpool spent in those three years?  And how far ahead of Wigan Athletic as a club (in terms of football on the pitch) are Liverpool today?

Martinez is highly regarded in football circles and it is only the blinkered Liverpool supporters who can’t see the potential.  Add to the fact that King Kenny didn’t win a game against Martinez last season and the true picture of the abilty of the respective manager’s comes into sharp focus.

It has to be said Liverpool supporters are living on past glories.  Nobody without Liverpool connections will ever be good enough for Liverpool according to their supporters, who are living in a black and white era in what is a colourful, digitised, HD era.  Wherein lies their problem.

And why do they doubt the word of Dave Whelan?  Here is a man who has played in all four divisions and been the chairman of a club in all four divisions, are they seriously saying his views count for nothing?

As it is, all Wigan Athletic supporters are distraught they they could be losing one of the brightest managerial prospects in the modern era.  And let’s not forget who first brought him to these shores in 1995.

Martinez is the future, Shankly is the past.  Get over it.

Personally, I’d like Liverpool to go with a ‘big name’ of the Koppites’ choosing, but I doubt that will happen.  The Yanks (Yanks running Liverpool?) won’t fall for it twice.

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