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The Mudhutter Issue 32 hits the streets this weekend and will be on sale from all the usual places before the Everton game. While listening to Radio Manchester the other day on the way home they have this feature called the Blue Tuesday or Red Wednesday fanzine for city and United fans. These things might only matter to us luddites, but that is NOT a fanzine, it’s a radio show. A fanzine is a printed publication written by the fans for the fans, usually containing profanity, juvenile cartoons and some out of date views and opinions. Just thought we’d get that one straight.


This fanzine in particular gives you 44 packed pages for just £1.50 and brings you up to date with our contributors’ views on the last couple of months’ events, take a look back at a classic season and the worst Wigan Athletic players to grace the Premier League. We find out what The Empty Seats are all about and what’s going on at Chester City and we speak to a bona fide Wigan Red to find out well, why? We’ve got the regular features from Les Bagg to Pokerface to Will Philkinson and much more besides, there’s definitely enough to keep you going over the summer.

If you have managed to get this far, you may well be interested to know where you might be able to procure such a thing. Well it’s easy, we will have some people selling it at the match, on the ‘Bridge over the River Duggy’ by the East Stand/South Stand corner and also around the other side opposite the West Stand and Rigalettos. Some of them even walk around and visit a bar or two under the premise of selling but they are actually trying to have a sneaky paint or get out of the rain. Yes, we’ve got your card marked sneaky seller.


You can also buy it from the following retail outlets: Sparks Newsagent, Wallgate, Wigan. Mesnes Road News, Waterstones in the Grand Arcade, Wallgate Station Kiosk and The Brickmakers Arms, Frog Lane. It’s also available at every home game from the gentlemen who runs the programme stall on the Robin Park car park or if you don’t happen to live in the area, you can buy it online from here right now and will get it delivered to your door by a cheerful, whistling postman.


All straightforward enough but it’s a nailed on certainty that within a week somebody, somewhere will ask the question ‘Where can I get the fanzine from?’


Anyway, for those of you who help to write, sell and buy the fanzine, we offer you heartfelt thanks for making it happen again this season. In particular, if all you sellers can give us a hand this Saturday to give it one last push it would be dearly appreciated as we need you to be honest, seeing as one of our number has decided he’s going on the lash instead 😉


With best wishes

The Mudhutter team







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