Left foot, right foot, header #7 – Everton (h)

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It doesn’t seem like a week since I last did one of these (it’s not), but with literally one person pestering me about what was going to be in this week’s perfect hat-trick I’ve decided to keep to something like a deadline and get the Everton one out ahead of the game. Ahead of Saturday dinner time as well, which is probably more impressive.

It’s all a bit of a treat this, as far as I’m concerned, as the general air of mourning and the fact that both this weekend’s team play in blue (I never promised you anything other than tenuous links, did I?) have forced me into doing a special on one of my favourite bands, The Bluetones. The mourning bit isn’t anything to do with their music, but the fact that they’re calling things to an end later this year, the blue connection? Well it’s obvious, innit? So with no more distraction, it’s on with the show.

Left foot – Sky Will Fall
All this week’s tracks come from the band’s “difficult” second “Return to the Last Chance Saloon”, could you get more appropriate than that? Well try this album track, which captures the full on Chicken Licken panic that’s running round at the moment and contains the brilliant lyric “Maybe the sky will fall, and maybe kill us all, or just the very tall”. Stick that in your Sky Sports pipe and smoke, except maybe you’d want to replace “the very tall” with “the moaning gets” just to keep things in context.

{youtube} v01lLARbr5Q{/youtube}

Right foot – If…
“All around you…”, it might not be, but those two little letters carry so much hope with them, don’t they? And they certainly sum up our position at the moment. If your mind isn’t full of ifs, buts, maybes and BBC predictor permutations, then can you go to work for me over the next few weeks?

{youtube} kW8JG7om3i8{/youtube}

Header – Four Day Weekend
What did I tell you? The song titles on this album were just written for right now. Which is pretty much my reading of this song. “The future is dead”, so live for now, remember it’s only a game, there’s another one next week and you’ve got a bank holiday to get over whatever happens on Saturday.

{youtube} wQlrPWmgiZU{/youtube}

As an extra special treat this week, I’m going to carry on my one-man, occasional campaign to get a Bluetones song adopted as a theme for Latics matches. I’m not that bothered about it, I’m happy to keep it to myself and even more so, wouldn’t want to see it replace You Are My Sunshine. But it would be nice to hear it played at the game, once or twice, maybe when there are a few people in there.

Standing ovation – Are you blue or are you blind?

{youtube} gnSeOIAEkRE {/youtube}

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