Psycho tactics

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I had forgotten all about our three lions assistant manager & Olympic GB manager Stuart Pearce making a very curious decision when he was in charge at Manchester City.

Back in May 2006 City were chasing the game when he brought reserve keeper Nicky Weaver onto the pitch as a substitute goalie to replace David James who promptly went upfront.

If it had been a spontaneous act then fair enough …. just but the bench had an outfield shirt with James name & number already on it.

Surely this was a pre match plan from Psycho?

I do wonder if the substitute strikers on the bench had a crisis of confidence after that scenario?

David’s take on the events ….. 

“I wasn’t knackered because it wasn’t only 10 minutes but yeah I booted just about every player on their side and I think I was fortunate not to get sent off.

It was a good experience, though, I enjoyed it.

But do fancy myself as a bit of a striker?

No, to compare me to someone like Michael Owen would be simply ridiculous.

I’ll just stick to going up for corners in the last minute if we need a goal, although I think heading in last-minute winner would be harboring a little too much of a dream.”


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