Singing the blues

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It’s always grand to hear our away crowd in full song.  The post goal celebration rendition of YAMS yesterday was am impressive backdrop to the radio commentary.  The stories I’m hearing this morning about choruses of You’ll Never Walk Alone starting up are less impressive.  Of course it was only a laugh, and designed to wind the Everton fans up, but to what end?

Now I’m all for banter, I’m all for taking the piss, but to sing other team’s songs just shows a lack of wit and imagination.  Despite arguments to the contrary I find it hard to imagine the toffees thinking anything but “what’s that all about?”.   I wouldn’t have thought that hearing Liverpool sing it winds them up that much, unless they’ve just hammered them.  Think about it, if Bolton turn up singing Delilah next weekend, what would you think about it?  Ok so that’s not the best example, but you get the picture.

On the same point WTF is all this “easy, easy” stuff about?  I know where it’s come from, and I know it’s not that new; but in my day we saved it for those rare occasions we’d stuck four or five against a team with pretensions, not for when the equaliser goes in against a team like Boro.

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