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I’ll not be at the game today.  I’ve plenty of reasons, but I’ll regret it.  There’s not many experiences like a trip to Goodison left in the game.  As much as there’ll be those who complain about the views and the ground in general there’ll be those who’ll fondly reminisce as they approach the old ground hemmed in on all sides.  The atmosphere should be a bit tasty as well.

It’s a funny old game isn’t it.  We used to complain about being treated like animals, herded into pens in shambolic surroundings.  Someone does something about it and what do we do, complain about the soulless new stadia taking the character out of the game.

There was a time when football was more than just entertainment and football fans more than just consumers.  It’s not that strange that when faced with millionaire players, corrupt agents and chief executives (what happened to the humble club secretary?) that we want to cling on to what’s left of the way things were.

Everton, not a club I’ve ever had a great liking for, seem to reflect those days more than most.  Their lack of glamour seems to have kept the freeloaders and “3 lions” generation away.  Their lack of cash means they’ve not yet been able to move away from their traditional home, but it’s not without trying.  Sooner or later they’ll find some cash cow or other project to jump onto and say sayonara to Goodison, it will be a sad day when it happens.

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