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Steven from Red and White Kop popped over to TNS this week,  to gather some of our thoughts on tomorrow’s game and discuss the finer points of Louis Suarez’s personality.  So we took the opportunity to extend our latest irregular feature to a positively long-running episode #2.  Nil points to you all for failing to notice that last week’s ‘Joy of Six’ only had five questions in it.

Putting that deliberate error behind us, let’s hand over to Steven and the six questions that I know you’re all desperate to ask the nearest available Liverpool fan, who if you’re honest, is probably not that far away from you.

Wigan Athletic – what do you really think about us?

I think Wigan are what Wigan are if that makes sense? I see them as a team who try to play decent football and who are adept at purchasing relatively unknown players who often become good Premier League players. Unfortunately, you seem unable to keep them once go invest so much time and effort into helping them develop, and we know the reason for that is usually financial.

Honestly, would you take any of our players off us?

I’d take Figueroa if it were possible, think he’d be a decent left back for us in the short term while we develop some of our younger players like Jack Robinson.

Who did you really want as manager this summer?

Personally speaking I wanted Kenny to stay, he’d just won us one cup competition and we’d reached the final of another. Having said that, once he’d left I was desperate for us to get Rafa Benitez back. He’s the most successful manager we’ve had since the eighties and the reasons for him leaving seemed more political the football based.

And what do you really think of Luis Suarez?

I think he’s fantastic, he can do special things. He is labelled as this ‘cheat’ which I feel is slightly unfair, don’t get me wrong he does dive, but everybody dives! The problem with Suarez is he’s not very good at it! He looks like he’s dived, unlike a Rooney or Bale who both are experts at looking like they’ve been fouled. The racism thing also hangs over Suarez, but he’s served his ban for that and apologised. I think he quite likes this pantomime villain persona he has with opposition fans. One thing is for sure, we’d be in some bother if it wasn’t for him and his goals this year.

How will tomorrow’s game pan out?

I think it’ll be tough. We will have a lot of the ball, and I see Wigan being difficult to break down. The longer it stays 0-0, the more the nervousness will set in for us. Hopefully we can get an early goal to settle things down.

What’s your ideal method for eating a pie, what flavour do you go for and do you have any sauce with it?

Not a big fan of a pie if I’m honest, but I do enjoy the odd pork pie with a bit of ketchup.

Cheers Steven,


Have fun

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