Summer @ TNS – England Squad Announced, Bob? Euro12, Wigan’s Fixtures & an 8th Season

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Summer, to your typical football fan it means dull weekends & trying to avoid DIY, with excuses like:

“It’s raining Love”, “The Back’s giving me Jip” & my favourite “Shall we go the Pub for a long Lunch?”

You’ll also know when the year ends in an odd number, the excuses need to planned well in advance, as it’s weeks and weeks of nothing @ the weekend.  Well other than Rugby League, Cricket (Sorry Steve) & that Badmington Horse Trial stuff on the BBC were they have horses going down a dead steep hill with riders called Pippa or Rupert.

As you know though, the year is 2012, so it’s an even number, so great we have a summer football tournament, 31 games of International football to look forward too.

We also have other things the Summer will bring, well apart from the usual increasing speculation on how England are going to Win.  We have:

23 Men – England’s squad will be announced Wednesday by Roy Hodgson, I know there isn’t going to be a Wigan player in those 23.  But it will be interesting to see who’s on the flight to Euro12?  As soon as we hear, we’ll get something on TNS to start to understand how we’ll win…..see I’ve already started.

Bob’s usual Summer saga – We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything, especially if Kenny’s trip to Boston means anything?

Euro12 itself – As it’ll be TNS’ first major International tournament in the background we’re just organising the staff, so we can look to posting some match previews and match reports live from our sofa or Garden furniture depending on the weather.

Premier League Fixtures – These come out on the 18th June, so why we look forward to the evening matches of Croatia vs Spain and Italy vs Republic of Ireland, we’ll also be looking at who Wigan’s first matches are against, bet it’s Blackpool again (Sorry Sir Trev, unless your the Ref in the Playoff final).

8th Premier League Season – Yes that number 8!   So as we close in on August, we’ll be looking at whether the manager’s purchases & departures give a sense of pride, fear or just the unknown @ Wigan’s 8th season?  You’ll see I refer to the bloke at the top as ‘the Manager’, as opposed to ‘Bob’ as we’ll just have too see who it is?

Well that’s it, enjoy your summer, we’ll be in touch.


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