Robert Martinez Speculation – West Brom, Aston Villa & Liverpool?

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Okay we really wanted to refrain from publishing anything on TNS about Roberto’s Summer.

We do know from the TNS Interview we did with Roberto in March, that he does have media committments to cover the Euro 12 Championship.  So no doubt we’ll see him on our screens, as well as hear him on the radio!  Wonder who he’d support if Spain played England in the final? 

So that’s a Roberto Summer fact.

He does have a contract with big Dave, which I believe he signed last Summer?  Again fact.

What isn’t fact, is the continuing speculation about where Roberto will be come the start of next season?  He’s had a good end to the season & with a number of vacant Premier League Manager seats, the speculation is expected.

The latest team who seem to be insinuating Bob is top of their list is West Brom now Roy’s Hodgson has moved on. 

We also know with Alex packing his bags at Villa, will they spend a 2nd Summer asking to see if Bob will drive down the M6 for a chat in Aston with Randy? 

There is also talk of Liverpool.  Dalglish has returned back from a meeting in Boston with the Fenway Sports Group Tuesday that apparently didn’t go well!  With rumours that Fenway asked Kenny to move upstairs to vacate the managers seat.  Yes, potentially for Roberto. 

The controversial bit – Now I can see Roberto going to Liverpool, Dave has said he’s happy to leave for a bigger team.  Only problem here is looking at the Liverpool fans forums and responses, I don’t believe Liverpool fans will accept Roberto ala Roy Hodgson.   Apparently from the comments seen, Wigan is too small a club.

As for West Brom & Villa, sorry but I don’t see West Brom now as a step up for Bob, come on they bought Paul Sharner……come on Paul you know we Love you, it’s the glasses…….

As for Villa another team that’s seen better days in the early 80’s, again I don’t see this as a step up for Bob, more a leap………..

Villa yes, 3 times top 6 under Martin O’Neill a few years back.  The problem is Roberto would have to repeat the financial exercise that’s took him a few years at Wigan to sort out.  Having to be done again at Villa, whilst at the same time having to prove himself to the Villa fans with results.

Time will tell, from March’s interview & positive for Wigan, is Roberto has said he would like to sort out the contract of this Wigan players before the Euro 12 Championships start.

So let’s see, but remember it’s all speculation.


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