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“Hello miss, I’d like to register a complaint”

Five and a half years ago, the good people from The Mudhutter, Ye Olde Tree and Crown and Thas Not a Patch On… had a dream. A dream of a website that would combine the best of those websites and embrace the independent Wigan Athletic community.

This Northern Soul brought together the history and nostalgia tirelessly built up in Ye Olde Tree and Crown, the fanzine spirit and offbeat ramblings of The Mudhutter and the blogging par excellence and musing on football matters from Not a Patch On. For all the growth and changes that Wigan Athletic had encountered over years before it’s inception, we thought we’d do our bit to bring the online community back together just that little bit more by combining our sites individual resources to make one great site.

And we managed that. There’ve been ups and downs, but we’ve achieved a lot, had a laugh and rubbed some people up the wrong way (for the right reasons). We charted the greatest success of the club’s history and arguably its lowest point, our assault on Europe and the end of one era and the start of the next. Throughout, we’ve kept the faith and defended the “Northern Soul” that binds us all, Wigan Athletic, against all comers.

Whilst the original aims of the site remain as valid as eve, as much as everyone connected with the site remains wedded to the ideas of independence and togetherness that were key to This Northern Soul, other commitments have been getting in the way for some time now and it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve come to the conclusion that the time has come to put This Northern Soul on a high shelf.

As always, the time has come to move on to pastures new. Just as Latics have moved on, so have we. You’ll find us in all the usual places, in The Mudhutter, on Twitter and on Facebook as well as some new ones. The last five years’ musings won’t be lost to cyberspace and will live on in archive format here.

And so that’s it. Over the next week or so, This Northern Soul will cease to exist in its current format. It will be an ex-website, but it’s spirit will go on and no doubt we’ll we seeing you soon, somewhere. Until then, as always…

Keep the faith

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