The Transfer Window

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Well we are coming up to a week of the hyperbole that is the madness of January, not the SCS or Next sale but SkySports Transfer Window © with yellow being the “in” colour.

Now as you may or may not know “I Love Football”  and I am getting sick to death of this moronic coverage of the game I adore.

Before the net and celebrity status of the players, managers & chairman you only had the papers and latterly Teletext/Ceefax for football news.

Plus the newspaper match reports were just that … match reports with who did what when and where on the pitch, not the bland gossip stuff we get now with very little reporting of what actually happened across the white line.

Like I said “I Love Football”  but the window is open and everything else is forgotten on the news-wires.

At least 90% about the game until the flaming window slams shut be it on the radio, TV, newspaper’s, social media & mainstream football sites are taken up with pure unadulterated transfer speculation.

Your lucky to get the scores through on match days for fear of missing some misguided tittle tattle.

We all seem to have forgotten it is what happens on the pitch not what signature might or might not being put onto paper.



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