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He’s at it again. Last week we had the cahirman’s views on Sven and now it’s time to talk salary caps. Now this is something he’s more than qualified to do, having paid the wages (in the main out of his own pocket) at the club for more than 10 years, it’s interesting to know his views on it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mr Whelan is behind the idea. He also tells us that several of his counterparts are of the same opinion (suprisingly Phil Gartside isn’t on that list. 🙂 ).

Personally, I’m not so sure. There are obvious financial benefits for the clubs, but is there a workable solution? Restricting wages to a proportion of earnings/turnover does little to level the playing field. Imposing a flat rate cap would be popular with some clubs, but cause a riot with players, and those clubs who can afford more, objecting. Unless any cap was put in place by FIFA there would also be a likely exodus of players to countries that don’t have caps. Levelling the playing field is useless, if the level is mediocre.

One other thing that concerns me is what this says to players who we might try to buy. The stories about our ‘wage structure’ are already off putting. This could seem to give credence to the rumour that we don’t pay the ‘going rate’.

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