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Continuing our efforts to bring you the things that everyone will be talking about in the lead up to the game.  We turn our beady eye on the trip to Goodison on Saturday. 

Sweet as
As you have probably spotted on the official site, Uncle Joes Mint Balls are officially the best sweet from a Premier League town.  The little brown dollops of sugar, edged out Everton Mints in what was a tense, nervous final.  Whether or not that qualifies us for a European competition, I don’t know but Swiss chocolate and Belgian truffles are allegedly kacking themselves at the thought of our ugly English confectionary coming to town.
Now if we had any imagination, there would be a song in there somewhere.

If you know your history…
Or so the song goes.  The 1980/81 cup tie is the stuff of Wigan legend, if you check the When Skies are Grey website it obviously left an impression on Merseyside as well.  Look or ask around are you’ll find plenty of people more qualified to talk about it than me (I was 8 for crying out loud), in fact stop anyone over the age of 40 in the street and they should have a story about it, somewhere around 200,000 Wiganers made the trip that day.  Over the years there’s been plenty of connections between the two clubs. 

Thanks for Brian Hamilton!  They took Kevin Langley and Warren Aspinall, nicked Joe Parkinson by the back door (one of the worse bits of football business I’ve ever seen); in return remember the likes of Gary Powell and Phil Jones? 


It used to be Cardiff, but this summer our every twist and turn in the transfer market seemed to be dogged by the Toffees.  I think it finished 2-1 on that score; us getting Camara and Taylor and Everton picking up the uglier of the two Neville brothers.  Unsurprisingly both clubs managed to miss out on Scott Parker and Michael Owen.  Even last season, they pipped us to the post with John Ruddy and further back in time their attempt to sign Roy Carroll prompted United to do what they’d been threatening to do since he came to the club.

On the record
Furthering the myth that football didn’t exist before the Premier League, Sky have been pushing the idea that Everton will be record breakers if they beat us in this game.  A select band of clubs have beaten all 37 clubs that have featured in the top flight since 92/93, except for perhaps Southampton they are the usual suspects.  Of course being new boys we offer the chance to extend that to 38 clubs.  Of the list, Everton have first pop at us, but there’s every chance that we’ll be hearing all about potential record breaking when Arsenal come to town in a few weeks time.

A prize for anyone who can prove that they don’t hear about any of these topics, should they be at the game on Saturday, not that we’ll be providing it though.

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