Wigan Athletic’s Next Manager…..

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………..well, we have to start thinking about it don’t we!

We where here this time last season, when Randy was looking to make Roberto Manager at Villa.

All we can hope for now at Wigan, is that Bob takes the same approach.  Apparently back then he never actually spoke to Villa, he acknowledged their interest, but simply said “No Thanks”.

Some how I just can’t see that happening with Liverpool, for a start I don’t even think Roberto would need to phone up Pickfords for a House move.

Anyway the frightening or intriguing prospect of seeing who could be the next Wigan Manager is something we’ve not had to deal with for 3 years, but is something I can see is just around the corner?

So who could do it?  Guardiola is free, oh come on you know me by now……

Realistically, from within, we’ve done that before back in 2007 with well not very good results, but Graeme Jones will of course be in the frame.

As will Brendan Rodgers of Swansea, well we’ve been to Wales before for a Manager and look where that got us?

Chris Hughton @ Birmingham City, will of course be there or there abouts.

As will and don’t swear, three times a lady, Steve Bruce, could he return like that bloke in Commodores sang?

Paul Lambert @ Norwich, is someone who Liverpool have been said to be interested in, could Wigan?

Nigel Adkins, is someone I’d like to see at Wigan, Southampton have played very nice football to get to the Premier League and there lies the problem, he probably wants to have go with his team.

Steve McLaren, no don’t say that, it’s was rumoured he was being lined up for the role when Bob was going through the sequence of defeats this season, but please please be rumours so there is no tenuous link.

Gus Poyet @ Brighton, someone who you know will eventually be a decent Manager, could he work at Wigan to develop his career?

I could go through the remaining Managers in the Championship, as other than those mentioned I doubt Big Dave will try any other Premier League team.

Oh, I don’t know, my head hurts now just thinking about it!

I’ll just have to keep clicking Refresh on this Laptop to see what happens?


P.S. Apologies if I’ve offended any clubs mentioned above, who of course will want to keep hold of their Manager.  Well all except Steve McLaren!

You know like Wigan, if Bob does go to Liverpool, your team will then have to jump in the same boat Wigan’s has been in for the last week….SS Man Over Board……

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